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Melanie Morris is a former politico who left Washington DC for the mission field of Central America. She is married to Peter and they have four young children.


Yesterday we painted our house. Today, the house is mostly a neutral gray, the kind of color recommended by our management company so it appeals to the most potential renters. I expected to be emotional. One of the first things … Continue reading

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Two Car, One Car, New Car, No Car

Two cars. We own a van, we own a jeep. One car gone. We weep. Farewell, Jeep! One car. Police come, police look, Police write a report Declare a felony. Poor Melanie! Hooray a rental car to ease pain. Thieves smash! … Continue reading

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Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever! Psalm 118:1 Happy Thanksgiving week, all! We have had a busy, full and very blessed fall. I am constantly amazed and humbled by how gracious God is … Continue reading

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Come and Pray With Us

If you are in the DC area, we are having a prayer meeting this Saturday.  Prayer is the single most important and practical way you can support our ministry. We can’t do this without you! We need you praying for us. Join … Continue reading

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How to Encourage a (pre-deployed) Missionary

I’m sure you’ve all seen those blog posts of what NOT to say about (fill in any subject here). I always find those really disconcerting, by the time I’ve read through them I’m convinced that I’ve said ALL of them. … Continue reading

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The House Next Door

We live in a 107 year old row house in downtown DC. The building next to us, was pretty awful (seriously terrible).  The owner of the building next door sold it, it’s now being demolished and will be rebuilt as … Continue reading

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Three kids–it’s kind of a thing

We have three kids now. That’s not a lot of kids. Really it’s not. There are people with tons of kids all over the country. Heck, all over the suburbs people have large families. But here, in DC, in our … Continue reading

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Life Is Sweet

Right now, life is busy. We are preparing to become a family of five, our anxiety is growing as we remember what the sleeplessness of having a newborn entails. We are in the midst of raising support. In the summer, Peter … Continue reading

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Happy 4th Birthday, Sammy!

Four years ago today, I became a mother. Four years isn’t very long, but a lot can change. It can be a worthy marker of time: four years of high school, four years of college (hmmm perhaps I should get a diploma … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, M!

We LOVE birthdays in our home. I mean really. love. birthdays.  We love birthdays so much we celebrate half birthdays!   It’s such a wonderful time to celebrate our gratitude that God has placed us together in a family.  Today … Continue reading

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