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About Melanie

Melanie Morris is a former politico who left Washington DC for the mission field of Central America. She is married to Peter and they have four young children.

Día de la Familia

Last Saturday was family day at Sam’s school. The school had games set up, tons of inflatable moon bounces, food for sale and even an inflatable (pedal) go-cart track. Sam quickly ran into friends, and I watched with pride as … Continue reading

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Thank you, Church at Charlotte!

Even when we don’t say it out loud, it’s easy for us missionaries to think about how hard being a missionary is. We talk about all the sacrifices we’ve made from the serious (cultural adjustment, distance from friends and family, … Continue reading

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Some days I feel like we are really doing well culturally. (Like after I have correctly labeled a few dozen pencils and markers!) And I start thinking about how we are really fitting in here and adjusting to the culture. … Continue reading

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School- Costa Rican Style

We are constantly learning new things about the school system here. Like the fact that all books, notebooks, and binders must be covered in contact paper. Or that everyone wears school uniforms and they must be impeccable. And of course, … Continue reading

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I'm so grateful for community. I snapped this sweet photo of my girl and realized that everything in this picture was given to us as a gift. The swing, brought with love by Cornerstone EFCA all the way to Costa … Continue reading

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Los Sábados

Saturdays are nice days. It’s taken a while, but we’ve gotten into new routines and developed new family traditions (although this time of year I do miss our old traditions of apple picking and pumpkin patches!) One of the (many) … Continue reading

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Just a little update

We haven’t blogged in a while! Unfortunately for me (Melanie), the guilt gets to me and I postpone blogging even longer.  I especially feel guilty because I worry (unhealthily and sinfully so) that our supporters (prayer and financial) will feel neglected. Maybe they’ll feel … Continue reading

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Six Things I’ve learned (and love) about Costa Rica in 6 months

Today is a milestone for our family: we have lived in Costa Rica for six (6!) months. The overwhelming feeling of this time is gratitude. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve here. Living in another culture has taught … Continue reading

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Life Right Now…

We’ve been in Costa Rica for almost three months. It seems both so much shorter than that and so much longer. We’re all starting to slowly adjust. After rolling battles with illness, we are finally all healthy. Hopefully, our immune systems … Continue reading

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At long last!

We’re here. We are finally here!  We left DC with 27 checked bags, six carry-ons, five people, one stroller and a partridge in a pear tree! We made it here with remarkable ease. Our apartment is lovely, we have a ground floor apartment … Continue reading

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