About Costa Rica

Size: 51,100 sq km – about half the area of the Commonwealth of Virginia

Population: 4,639,827 people (2011 Census) – almost exactly the population of Sydney, Australia and slightly smaller than the population of the Washington, DC metro area.

Capital: San Jose

Language: Spanish

Geography: Tropical climate, with several active volcanoes, rain forests and beaches on both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts.

Government: Costa Rica is a democracy and has no standing military

Operation Worlds Profile on Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a politically stable country. Economically, the average income is ~15% of US national average. As part of ReachGlobal’s mission to multiply healthy churches, our work will include work with pastors and church leaders to impact children and families in a nation (and broader culture) where the gospel is desperately needed.

Less than 15 percent of Costa Ricans are evangelicals, two thirds of Costa Ricans are under 30 years old, family break down is a pervasive challenge – in the culture, in the church, and even among pastors. There are five distinct Indigenous communities in Costa Rica and Peter will likely work with them in some capacity. Human trafficking and sex trafficking are serious problems in San Jose, where prostitution is legal, (it’s sometimes referred to as the Bangkok of Latin America), there are ministries to address those needs that Melanie will likely be involved in.

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