Happy Birthday, M!

We LOVE birthdays in our home. I mean really. love. birthdays.  We love birthdays so much we celebrate half birthdays!   It’s such a wonderful time to celebrate our gratitude that God has placed us together in a family.  Today we get to celebrate our sweet girl, Madeleine.


Us about an hour or so after Madeleine was born.

So today we’ll decorate our house, enjoy a day filled with activities that Madeleine finds super fun, she’s selected all of her meals as only a two-year old can (e.g. apples for breakfast!).  We’ll rejoice over her, and more importantly, we’ll rejoice over the God that entrusted Madeleine to our family. We’ll pray for her, as we do everyday, that she will know His goodness. We’ll pray that we will love her well, that we will love her with a love that points her to the God who loves unconditionally and is sufficient to meet her every need.


M receiving some brotherly love


About Melanie

Melanie Morris is a former politico who left Washington DC for the mission field of Central America. She is married to Peter and they have four young children.
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