An unpleasant experience and an opportunity

Today is Father’s Day in Australia. And it was this time a year ago that my family encountered a closed minded neighbor who verbally abused us while we were on a walk with a new born Benny.

However, in the words of Joseph in Genesis 50, what man meant for evil, God meant for good. The experience resulted in my oped being published in the Washington Post, urging our families and society in general to invest in equipping and supporting good dads.

Today, as I reflect on the many ways God has blessed me through my Dad, I am thankful for last year’s sad experience because it allowed me to share my heart to challenge and equip dads.

My parenting style is a learned behavior. Research shows that role models and social networks are critical to increasing the success of dads. Dads need to talk to other men about the struggles and triumphs of fatherhood. We need to take other men along with us when we’re spending time with junior. They need to see the spit up, diaper changes and tantrums, before they experience them in their own children.

Read the whole thing here.

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1 Response to An unpleasant experience and an opportunity

  1. georgewarren2013 says:

    Sorry for that difficult experience a year ago. Thank you for the good that the Lord brought out of it. We thank the Lord for you and bringing you to the kingdom for just such a time as this.


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