First day!

First day 2015Today Sam had his first day of kindergarten!

In some ways, it was not unlike the same day a year ago. He posed for We tried to get him to pose for a photo, we did special breakfast and after school celebration, we even took him to a school where Spanish was the primary language spoken and taught.

DSC_0071But in many ways it was different. We were in our new home. It was also a big day for his sister – her first day of PreK-3. All five of us were getting ready for first days back at school!

A year ago, when we thought about Sam’s first day of kindergarten, we thought about the things we would be losing by moving him to Costa Rica. Today, it’s hard to think about anything except the blessings of our family, our new home, and this great journey we’re on together.

Here are some more pictures of the special day”

First day designs 2015

First day designs – dinosaur sandwich for Sam, butterfly sandwich for Madeleine, and first-day-of-kindergarten “cake” by the kids

First Day 2015 - outtakes



Maddy takes the first day of school SERIOUSLY!

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1 Response to First day!

  1. georgewarren2013 says:

    What a great first day letter! Thank you once again for carving a hole in your schedule to invite us over and then to have that great time at the Language school to be with you. We truly thank the Lord for you and for bringing you to CR for just a time as this.

    So fun being with you,


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