Something better is coming!

Happy New Year!

Whether 2014 was one of the hardest of your life or your best year yet, the Bible teaches clearly that from before the foundation of the world, God had something better in mind.

This past Sunday, I preached the closing sermon of Ambassador’s “The Gospel According to Christmas Series” from Revelation 21. Here’s some of what I shared:

We have the opportunity to reflect on the year that was and look forward to the year that may be. Even just in the last few weeks we have seen brokenness in our world…but we don’t need to look beyond our own lives to see brokenness, to see tragedy…in today’s text, in a very real sense, God comes to those of us who are hurting and holds us gently by the shoulders and looks into our eyes and says, “I have something better in mind, something better is coming.”

Two short clips (7 minutes total) are below, or you can watch the whole sermon.

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1 Response to Something better is coming!

  1. georgewarren2013 says:

    Beautiful! Thank you. May the Lord give you a Happy New Year, Psalm 1.

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