Don’t lose heart…


Even though we’ve got more snow in DC today, it was a beautiful day on Saturday. Melanie and Sam went for donuts and hot chocolate so I took Maddy for cupcakes.

It was one of those “life is moving too quick” afternoons. We sat down to eat our cupcake and a Mom was there with her high school daughter, doing college visits.

20140322_175242  20140322_173951

We then went to Dupont Circle to enjoy the weather. We had scarcely sat down when a brass quartet led a wedding party across the circle (for those who don’t live in DC, that’s kinda how Dupont Circle rolls!)

As I watched my beautiful almost-2-year-old daughter enjoy the sunshine, it brought to mind the lyrics from Andrew Peterson’s great song “Day by Day:”

everybody’s so surprised
When right before your very eyes
Your baby’s in the second grade
You blink and it’s her wedding day

This photo sums up that excitement – she’s grown up and beautiful! And the fear – I don’t want her to grow up! I don’t want to blink and it’s her wedding day!


But the song has wisdom for all those who hope in Christ. It challenges us with the truth that we are “children of eternity, on the run from entropy.” Here’s the chorus:

So don’t lose heart
Though your body’s wasting away
Your soul is not
It’s being remade
So don’t lose heart
Don’t lose heart
Your body will rise and never decay
Day by day by day

The whole things worth a listen/watch here:





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