Snow day pancakes

Pancakes have ALWAYS been a part of our family.

20140317_092535        20140317_092544

From the moment I wooed Melanie with pancakes almost 13 years ago, pancakes have been a staple of slow mornings and late night snacks in the Morris household!

Sam and Madeleine have both embraced this part of being in the Morris family. They both love making pancakes with Daddy: mixing ingredients, innovating with new additions, pouring the batter, flipping the pancakes, and *especially* eating them.20140302_082005    20140302_082408

Four days before “spring,” DC endured another snow fall (7 inches when it was all said and done) and we’re now bracing for another snow storm next week! The government closed on Monday, so I was home  – Sammy excitedly comes downstairs ready for a “special day” with pancakes for breakfast.

2014-03-17 15.05.11        20140317_090545                              

As you can see, we made some special pancakes – chocolate chip and strawberry (but with white whole wheat flour to keep Mama happy!) with a shamrock by Mommy to celebrate St Patrick’s Day!

The kids enjoyed their green milk too!


Pancakes are excellent energy food for playing in the snow!!!20140214_095433        20140214_100143

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1 Response to Snow day pancakes

  1. Evie and Gary says:

    So very special thanks for sharing. You have a wonderful family.

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