The Morris family (and Fighter Verses) explained!

This Thanksgiving week, folks are visiting the blog for one of two reasons: (1) intrigued about Fighter Verses; or (2) read my devotional post over at the Fighter Verse blog and wanted to check out our blog!

About the Morris family 

Morris family for Northpoint2If you’re visiting from the Fighter Verse blog, thank you! While we likely haven’t met, I am so delighted to connect with you. I have seen the Fighter Verses deeply influence our family ministry – the kids, volunteers, and parents. They have also changed the way I parent, every night I sit down with my four-year old and the Foundation Verses and it has truly blessed our relationship.

If you want to know more about our family and our journey, we’d love you to sign up to receive our prayer letter, or you can check out these links for more

You can also check out a post I did reflecting on the significance of Fighter Verses.

About Fighter Verses  

So maybe you know us, but you want to know more about Fighter Verses! Well, here’s the story:

FVPNopenWhen I first attended the Children Desiring God conference in 2009, I was struck by how the prayers of believers from Bethlehem Baptist sounded different. They were Scripture soaked. Not pretentious – just the opposite, humble. They had stored up His Word in their heart; they were taking hold of the living and active Word; in the words of David Michael, they “dripped Bible.”

One explanation for this is the extensive use of Fighter Verses at Bethlehem from the youngest to the oldest, the church values Scripture memory.

A break through moment was the creation of a great app which includes five years of Fighter Verses, Extended Memory (memorize a whole book, or set of chapters, in a year), and Foundation Verses (for pre-school children). The app also has great quizzes and other tools to assist you in memorizing each week’s verse.

fighterverses006I highly recommend the app – best $2.99 you’ll spend – and encourage you to subscribe to the weekly verse and devotional emails.

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  1. georgewarren2013 says:

    Thank you so much for your excellent message about the Fighter Verses. I truly appreciate your devotionals.


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