What we desire for our three kids

Kids - what we desireBack in the spring, I posted about our desire for our kids. What we hope God will do with them through the experience of being Missionary/Third Culture Kids.

As part of our pre field training, we’ve been reflecting on the advantages and disadvantages of being a TCK. I wanted to share some resources from ReachGlobal colleagues that God has used to inspire us and deepen our excitement to begin our journey in Costa Rica:

  • Naomi Smith shared last summer on her great blog about her son translating Pippy Longstocking into perfect Spanish!
  • Brian Duggan (my new boss), wrote a great post on his blog, noting that “The children of…missionary staff are some of the most promising future leaders for Christ.”
  • And Tim Addington, the head of ReachGlobal, shared the video below about the value of being a Missionary Kid.

We’re so excited to undertake this journey together as a family!

Being an MK from EFCA on Vimeo.

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